Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Hair food: Soy bean pasta

I think the nutrition facts speak for themselves!

These started popping up in my little corner of the world the last year or so. 2-3 different brands are carrying these and they have lots of interesting colours and shapes.

  • Good source of protein
  • Good source of fiber
  • Not too high on calories either
  • Super quick to boil (Most of the packs instructs you to boil it for longer than it actually needs) but doesn't fall apart if you cook it for too long

  • Kind of pricey still, but the price seems to be dropping by the month
  • Weird texture that reminds me more of noodles than actual pasta
  • Weird (Although subtle) flavor that reminds me of seaweed
  • Kind of weird to match to a meal I think. The strange texture also makes it kind of fragile, so it doesn't tolerate being tossed around too much in sauce and stuff.

So far I think the best match for it is with some fried broccoli and onion, and some tomatoes. The good thing is that it tolerates being microwaved pretty well, even with the weird, fragile texture.

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