Saturday, 22 August 2015

Longhair meeting

I had a couple of meetings in the same city where Frigga of the longhair circuit lives, so we met up again.
Frigga doesn't want to put her face out on the internet, so you will have to settle for some non-hair pictures from the meeting.

I took a picture of a room I had a meeting in. It was the weirdest thing ever with upcycled stuff, weird design pieces, plants and general tackiness.
You could have called it modern art and I would have nodded and believed it, lol.

Frigga and I went shopping first and she showed me where I could get some leave in conditioners. Awesome!

The city has a Glitter, so we had to go there too. They have the best little elastics ever!
All other ones I've ever bought have seemed to break once they get in contact with oil, but these can take it. They keep their shape better than other kinds too.

Glitter also produces some really nice style guides for things to do with your hair.
Where most other hair tutorials go "Blow dry, flat iron, hair spray, backcomb for volume, then put hair up in a bun and hair spray some more", these go "Use this simple bun tool to make a bun!"

I approve!

Then we went to Joci sushi like last time. Running sushi, yum!

I really enjoy hearing about how people with different hair types than mine treat their hair.
It's quite fascinating to hear how they think and act to get the best out of their hairtypes.
However I think I must be pretty boring in that manner: "Oh, care? Uh. Benign neglect? CO washes and putting it up? I use a lot of leave in conditioner though."

Frigga had also knitted me a beanie!
So cool!

She really weren't kidding when she said there would be room for my hair sticks in this one, hehe.
I will be appreciating this one like crazy when the winter comes.
Pretty colour too!

I already tried the Pantene "BB cream for hair" I bought and it's nice: A little runny and has a strong Pantene smell, but it disappears as soon as it gets in contact with my hair.

The "BB cream for hair" thing amuses me so much!
It is not a BB cream, it's a freaking leave in-conditioner! 
Why do people feel the need to "fancy" something up?

On the other hand, I understand why it makes sense to latch on to a real phenomenon like BB creams. BB creams have been outselling foundations for years and they have become a real beauty staple for most women. They offer correction instead of cover and who doesn't like that?

I can appreciate the silliness though: Anything that makes people buy more leave in-conditioners so more are produced and the prices go down and the supply go up, is a good thing!
If calling it "BB cream for hair" is what it takes, sure, go for it.

The "11 in 1" effects as listed (In Swedish and Finnish):

  1. Soft hair
  2. Shine
  3. "Protection against ends". No, really, that's what it says! So it turns your hair into a moebius strip or something? Fancy stuff!
  4. Anti-breakage
  5. Suppleness
  6. Frizz control
  7. Resistant strength
  8. Shiny shine. No, really, that's what it says! Same as #2 essentially...
  9. Natural volume
  10. Immediately easy to comb. As opposed to how other stuff takes a while to kick in?
  11. Deep nutrition

I laughed and showed it to hubby who said they probably ran it through Google translate. Heh.


  1. Enter pouty face. I'm dying to use Gliss by Swartzkpovf but they dont' sell it in my country. Boohooo :(

    1. ps--the Beanie is AWESOME!

    2. I may be interested in a trade for some stuff :P
      How is the supply of poptarts and beef jerky in your part of Canada? ;)