Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The K-obsession continues

The loves
Korean skincare routine
I've been going on way too much about this on my hair(!)blog already, but yeah, I'm still absolutely in love with the Korean skincare routine. I'll try to keep my excitement about it to a minimum.

Aegyo sal
I haven't yet taken a picture of how this looks with one eye done and one not done to show the difference, but here is a good one by another blogger:

The idea behind this makeup is to mimic the cute baby fat under the eyes that children have. It makes your eyes look brighter and more smiling.

The method is ridiculously simple:
  1. Add a white or pinkish product (Liner or powder) under your lash line. How thick the line should be, depends on how much effect you want.
  2. Add a product a tone darker than your own skin underneath the first line.

Younger looking, smiling eyes.

So far I've used my regular eyemakeup for this effect, but I will probably get one of the specific products for this at some point.

K-style eyebrows
Korean eyebrows are styled a lot straighter, some times even completely straight with no curve at all. The brow is also very full and should look as natural and unaltered as possible. The purpose is to make your face look young and innocent. 
I have super full and dense eyebrows, so I enjoy not having to remove a lot of hairs. Since my hairline starts too far down for my liking, I prefer to try to make my forehead appear larger and a straight brow plays up the distance between the brow and hairline. 

The dislikes
Korean: 김치
Kimchi, gimchikimchee, or kim chee is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. It is often described as spicy and sour and has seasonal differences.

When I found out that our favorite local sushi place had kimchi, I had to try it.

I really disliked it.

With kimchi described as a side dish you eat with pretty much everything, I figured it wasn't spicy-spicy. In my mind, it was something like spicy coleslaw.

In Danish, you differentiate between something that is spicy with a flavor, like a bowl of spicy chili ("Krydret") and something that is spicy just to be spicy, like eating plain habanero ("Stærkt"). This was "stærkt". Spicy and sour. Yuck.

To be fair, it might be that this was made in the Japanese way and wasn't actually fermented, but just had some added acidity. But no, this Kimchi was not for me.

Welcome to the ridiculously bright and sugary world of K-pop!
K-pop seems to be such a "must" among the K-beauty bloggers. But no, it just doesn't do it for me. Although I can listen to it for short amounts of time, I'm just a metal-head at heart. It's good to try something new once in a while though.

Have fun with some examples!

Rainbow: Gossip girl

Secret: Madonna

Girls' Generation (SNSD) - Oh! & Run Devil Run!!! 

Big bang: Sober

Jewelry: Super star

2NE1: She's so (outta control)

F. Cuz: No one

After school: Eyeline

The moonshiners: So cruel
(No M/V but I really like this one)

Hyuna: Bubble pop

f(x): Nu Abo

Kara: Step

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