Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Elkandiron's are here!

First of all: Points for packaging!
A sturdy and nice, but not unnecessarily "cute" box.

The sticks rests on a layer of cotton-like material.
I also removed a layer of bubble wrap for the picture.

Points for a personal touch!

But I have to be petty here... I am not *eye twitch* Swedish.
Yea I know, impossible to know when you ship to Sweden, right?
Petty. Told you.

I seriously need a better camera to catch the details!
The wood is very, very pretty with lots of changes in the colour.
The teal stone has a lot of little veins that I just cant get a good picture of.
These two sticks will definitely be the crowning glory of my hair stick collection!

The good
Very, very smooth and hair friendly
Seriously pretty
Love the little details and attention to protecting the sticks from the sellers side

The bad
They're seriously sharp
A bit top heavy, but it doesn't matter so much for me. I think someone with less hair could find the topper overpowering though, especially if you have the short ones

Would I buy from this seller again?


  1. It's always nice to see a high level of pride in hand craftsmanship.
    Obviously these are done in that manner.

    Dumb question...would it make much difference in functionality if the end was rounded a bit?

    1. Not a dumb question :) And no, it wouldn't. I'd say ketylos have the best tips of all sticks out there. They have rounded ends with a bit of taper that makes them perfectly easy to push into a bun while still being so blunt you couldn't hurt yourself on them.