Tuesday, 29 December 2015

2015 in hindsight: Beauty

A good, full set of eyebrows is still the best accessory and I hope it stays that way in 2016. I've maintained a soft, K-pop inspired arch and kept them almost natural.
It appeals to my lazy side: I just need to clean up the unibrow with a slight tilt at the edges (Opens up the space of my forehead) and remove the worst strays and voila, done. 

My skin continues to confuse and aggravate me. This year I tried to keep a journal of my skin (Mostly just a number /10 of how well my skin was behaving that day) to see if I could find a hormonal or dietary problem, but no such luck. It seems completely random. 
I had expected problems around Christmas from a combination of fatty foods, way too many chocolaty sweets and and that time of the month. But nope. That doesn't trigger my skin. 
So what the #"+{[¤%&/#":\£@ does??
Anyways. Still hopelessly in love with the maximaslist Korean skincare routine. It does help my skin. (Funny how the minimalist benign neglect is the best for my hair and scalp, and yet my skin loves the time and effort-consuming Korean skincare?)

Happy, glowy skin. No makeup needed.

Itchy, red and pissed off skin.


  1. I'm thinking a lot about my skin lately, moving up North didnt exactly help my already dry skin... I love what the jkorean routine does for me but I'm having issues with how the layering of products creates "rolling pills". I know silicone in products causes this and now I'm curious of how this is solved in the Korean products. Are you experiencing this as well or do Korean products not contain silicone? And merry Christmas! Hugs Rock

  2. I love your bunny ears!! Ok, I've seen this before--what you have. Do you think I can remember who has it or what it is. Pfft. I *think* is a stress based reaction. I've seen these on my mom's skin, and she has systemic Lupus. While it could be an auto-immune reaction, I can't see it being discoid Lupus (you'd have other symptoms). Are these pimples? ie: is there pus in them or are they cysts? Would you classify it as a rash or break out? I wish the medical community would take more interest in skin issues,but they are usually indicative of a bigger issue. When you have cranky skin, do you also feel ill? (whether it be digestion, headache, fatigue etc). I'll do some reading up on things and provide links---the top photo is absolutely stunning, as is the bottom photo, but it's so odd how your skin will be glowing and luminecent in one stage, then broken out . very odd.....