Monday, 28 December 2015

2015 in hindsight: Hair

The big news of 2015 is definitely that I have decided to cut my hair back to a length I enjoyed more!
It's a very strange realisation that I have my problems wrapping my mind around.
Ever since I started growing my hair out from bald, I've been aiming for one thing: More length.
Even those times where I had to trim off a lot of length to get rid of the irritating layers, the goal behind the necessary evil was to gain more length in the future.

But the decision is so logical.
It doesn't seem my hair can really grow beyond top calf and I enjoyed mid thigh a lot more.
So I will gradually trim it back, 3 cm or so off every month until I reach a length I enjoy more. Or maybe until I find it too short to do my crown wraps? Hmm.

Maybe I can grow it longer in the future. Letting the ends thicken up is never a bad thing.

I have made a simple Healthy hair 2016 plan I hope to stick with.


  1. Makes perfect sense. And remember, you're just a youngster.
    JJJ didn't really hit her long hair zenith until past 50 yrs old. ;-)

    Wishes for a great year of 2016!

  2. When do you plan the first trim?

  3. Enjoy the change! I'm sure you will find it easier to manage in the long run and find many of your hair styles easier to achieve----and the best thing about hair--it grows :D. I look at your hair and another girl who has thigh length hair--she in fact cut hers back to thigh length (Hartrum is her name) and I always look at how gorgeous your hair both is. I miss having my hair that long, but in reality, it looks horrible now. I don't seem to grow it thick past a certain point and with past major sheds, I'm still thicking ends up at tailbone. So, I'm happy with how my hair looks, thicker braids (never like yours though ;) ) and it looks professional and easier to manage at the barn/when riding. I hope hubby is ok with the trimming job! :) I know you said he was nervous, but I know he'll do just fine :D