Friday, 27 July 2018

1000th post!

Wow. How cool is this?
This is my official 1000th post on my independent blog.

I've been blogging since I first found LHC back in... Summer of 2002 I think? (Before that I was on some Yahoo-groups. Wow. This is a million years ago in internet terms!) So this has been a really long-running habit.
I started blogging here on Blogger back in January 2011, so it has pretty accurately been 7½ years for this blog!

Blogging is perhaps my best tip for those growing or maintaining their hair. It helps you keep track of what products work or doesn't work for you, what updos you can do (Surprising how often an updo just "falls" out of rotation!) and what you would like to try in the future.
It's such a helpful tool. And sometime it can be really funny to look back on your own story.

I think the only reason I managed to keep blogging for so long, is that my blog was always mostly for me. I never blogged to impress or convince anyone, I just blog to keep up with the reasons I mentioned above.
I rarely did anything for or with my hair that I wouldn't have done without the blog, so my blog is a pretty good representative of what it really is to live with long hair: Some times you have time and energy to experiment, and other times you just settle into your usual grove and go through the work-free time-sleep-routine.
(And I never got the points of setting up artsy pictures with freshly cut flowers, philosophy books and pearls lying around in the background. Is that just me?)

So... To another 1000 posts!

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  1. Honored to be a follower! Thank you for educating and inspiring long hair. ♥