Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Caroline von Holnstein, again, again, again

Yesterday I had the idea of putting the two back braids into their own little buns and have two vertically stacked buns instead of the massive head-eating one.

Of course this left me unsure of what would work best to do with the front braids...

I tried with wrapping them around the bottom bun first and then around both in a figure 8 motion, since the bottom bun is smallest. I carry the thickest and densest hair on my head in the area that the top, back braid takes up, so that braid always ends up the biggest.

It wasn't bad per say, but I don't think it looked that good either...
But it did give me the idea of wrapping the Royal bun by going bottom braid > accent braids > top braid. That should "disguise" the accent braids more in the bun.
I will try that tomorrow if the braids aren't too fuzzy and messed up.

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