Saturday, 1 September 2018


This summer has been absolutely crazy, miserably hot, but today is the first official autumn day. I really hope the weather will calm down now! 
About two weeks ago it abruptly became wet and cold, a complete change from the crazy summer weather. The wild birds that come to be for food have been busy sitting around our kitchen window looking miserable: "I don´t have enough fluff for this cold!"

Usually autumn means my scalp becomes really unhappy. I guess it's the cold and moist air outside and the warm and dry air inside... And being trapped under a hat whenever I leave the house.
Once that happens I'll see if I can prevent some problems this year by being more aware of the dry, dead skin/dandruff-like buildup on my scalp before it really starts to annoy me.

In more personal news: I´m going back to uni!
I´m not sure I ever mentioned it on my blog, but it´s on my "Unspecified some time in the future"-plan to add some diplomas and a degree to my degrees and eventually teach my field at university level. Some time in the future. I certainly didn´t think it would be any time in this near future.
But then after a chat with nurse-friend who just finished her candidate degree, I found myself browsing for options and there was this one, perfect semester I could sign up for. So I did!
Starting Monday, I will be following a single semester with pedagogy students. The semester is centered around methods and research about teaching and will be perfect for my CV. 
However, I keep having this more or less vague feeling of panic about it. What was I thinking? I average well over 50 hours of work a week as it is. I barely see Mr. Igor as it is and I think I´ve been more or less constantly sleep deprived since we came back from Tenerife. The last thing I need is more work on my plate!
I keep telling myself that the worst thing that can happen is that I fail the course, but have gained some experience with working while studying. All that is really at stake is the tuition, but it doesn´t make the feeling go away.
Biologist-friend recommended subliminal background sounds for sleeping and I will give it a try...

In less terrifying news, Mr. Igor started his own business some months back and it has steadily been growing. It´s funny, I always thought starting your own business would be super difficult and complicated and would take ages to build your product and costumer base. But since Mr. Igor knows the right people it was a simple matter of one of his SEO-friends asking "Hey, can I outsource this to you? And please start your own business so I can bill you easier. Thanks!"
Maybe it´s because I have no ambitions whatsoever in management or a leader position, but it really blew my mind (Still does!) that it was so easy.


  1. I can't for Fall to get here! How hot does it usually get where you're at? It was just 95 degrees Fahrenheit here in Atlanta yesterday. Just wanted to see if your definition of hot was different than mine LOL

  2. We had fall like weather for 2 days, and now we are bad to the miserable heat and humidity. I can handle heat. Humidity that cranks out daytime highs to feel like 43C, not so much. That's for tomorrow and then, the beautiful autumn weather sets in and I will be very happy.
    Congrats to both you and Mr Igor on your endevors!!! I know for me, any type of change stresses me, but I'm sure you will be fine!! I think it's great you are thinking of your future and working towards things---I think too many people get into a career and think they have to stay in that one, and while I don't know what you do, the fact you have listed options is the best---that way you can always continue growing and moving up. Teaching is awesome. I love it.

    I too suffer from insomnia. Badly. I know what has helped me are either ear plugs or having a fan in the background---we call it 'white noise' here, not sure if they use that term in Sweden. I hope you're able to have SOME fun and relaxation time :) Don't work too hard!! :D

  3. PS----yes!! My scalp got MEGA cranky when it got really humid and I also got stressed with more work responsibilities. Then, when things settled, the autumn weather just made it cranky again. For me, I must wash daily to keep the 'itching so bad I'll scratch a hole in my head' feeling, but I know you don't. I'm hoping you find a method to keep that dry feeling at bay :)