Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Caroline von Holnstein, again, again

Continued from yesterday's thought, today I tried the Royal bun-Caroline von Holnstein-idea.
Well, by now I guess it has evolved so much that it's barely recognizable from its origin...

The two vertically split braids put up in a Royal bun held with a Ron Quattro.

And the two accent braids pulled down and around as seen on the Victoria show, like Nightgerbil shared.

And I have to say that wrapping the accent braids down and around takes the entire updo from "WTF?" to "Actually wearable". I could actually see myself wearing this again.

The result is definitely "Head-eating bun".  This is a massive, and very flat bun!


  1. Hahhaah---I love the comment on the flat, head eating bun.
    My guess is this style was for the portrait only, and if done to correct specs, would be very difficult to do anything in because it's a very high bun/almost top knot. That's why I wondered if they actually used the braid to create the bun at the top of the head.
    Love all your variations!!!

    1. I think you are right about that. It´s such a strange, and weirdly unflattering updo in real life. Maybe it was just more or less something that the painter thought would look good for the painting? Not saying she didn´t wear something like it, just thinking maybe she didn´t wear it EXACTLY like the painting...