Wednesday, 17 October 2018


I originally started blogging to keep track of what I had tried/done to my hair and what I wanted to do to my hair in the future with more length. And now is one of those moments where it's really cool to be able to just use the search function on my blog and see that I last shampooed 13 months ago.
Yep, there it is.

The hot and dry air inside and the cold wet air outside causes my scalp to produce some irritating flakes. Other than the seasonal autumn irritation, my scalp is usually really happy. It's slightly dry, but not irritated and just generally so much easier than the rest of my skin. If I could do CO everywhere I would!

I can manage the flakes with the good old CO wash, lots of scalp scritching or scrubbing and rinsing it every day. Last year I put a lot of effort into avoiding having to shampoo. We had just returned from Madeira, and the transfer from hot and awesome Madeira to cold and wet Sweden really provoked the flakes.

But this year I just couldn't be bothered. Shampoo isn't something bad or evil, it's just something I would like to avoid for my scalp when it seems so much happier without it and I can keep my hair 99% as clean on CO.
(Although I am a little worried that the flakes provokes greasiness on my scalp, which will then provoke the skin on my face...)

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