Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Haul of various things

Since I had another murder victim broken comb on my hands, I placed an order of various things I "needed" at Lyko. Got two identical Hercules Sägemann hard rubber combs, a Kent comb and a Jaguar (Like my pretty S&D scissor!)

Really happy to see K-breauty becoming so mainstream!
(Less happy about the ridiculous up-pricing of the sheet masks that seems to be the trend. They're not supposed to be a "treatment" as western masks are, just a cheap and convenient way to get moisture trapped in your skin)

Ironically, I've decided to try the Western brand of The Ordinary for a few things. I like their idea of the products being something targeting specific ingredients that you can easily slide into your existing routine instead of trying to be some magical amazing cure-all serum. I also really like that they use squalane as their "carrier" for most actives. It was a trendy ingredient in K-beauty some years back and my skin really liked it. And I generally like their short and simple ingredient lists. 

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