Sunday, 24 February 2019

Henna, it's go time!

All good to go with the ingredients

(Or something)
Actually I do like the smell of cassia. It's like... dusty and eathy or something.

The mix turned out to be a little drier than expected. But that's what you get when you work with a natural product like cassia. Luckily I had some extra conditioner I could add.

Attempted before-shot of the colour. The light in the bathroom wasn't on my side though.
I don't expect the colour to change much, not with this low dose of henna.

And the dripping immediately went nuts!
That is so damn annoying.
The dripping is such a pain in the ass! Even though I was mentally prepared, it still surprised me. It does every single time.

So far, the only thing that has ever "helped" is to spend extra time in the bathtub where the dripping is less irritating.
To spend extra time in the bathtub, I went for the longest documentary or movie I have on my youtubes "Watch later"-list: The Korean movie "200 pounds beauty".
I actually quite enjoyed it!
I see why so many people feel offended by how direct it is about bodies, plastic surgery and diets, but it's coming from a different culture. Not like here in the west, where the only bodies you're allowed to criticize are those that are thin and/or fit. I'll never understand that weird double standard...
Anyways, I really liked how direct it was about that plastic surgery didn't fix all Han-na's problems. I especially liked that it doesn't sugarcoat the consequences for her, like when [Spoiler alert] she finally kisses Sang-jun and instead of being happy, Han-na worry about how her implant-filled breasts feel, is scared that he will squeeze the silicone in her ass out of alignment and push her nose asymmetrical. 
I definitely recommend watching it.

The fluffy cloud-facial mask was also really entertaining!

Luckily I had done some good work preparing: My little henna nest was set up and ready to go, food was ready to grab quickly and I had entertainment ready. The heating blanket was actually a nice touch and I will definitely do that again next time.

The first book series failed to entertain me though. Sometimes the things you loved as a child just aren't so awesome to revisit. Good thing I had more books standing by.

I managed to keep the henna mud on for 9 hours!
Then rinsed it off. Added lots of conditioner to soak up any leftovers, left it on for about 10 minutes before rinsing again. It's always surprising how much of that green mud comes out with the second rinse!

The mane is now resting in a simple, single braid. It feels mildly upset and needs a little time to settle down.

Looking forward to see the colour and shine tomorrow when it has dried and settled.


  1. Some awesome are just the best hair blogger ever...♥

  2. To prevent dripping I add sugar to my henna paste and so it's kept at bay.

    1. Thank you! Any specific kind of sugar that works best? I will try this next time :D