Friday, 1 March 2019


Today is the first official spring day. I'm looking forward to more and more sunlight for each day and increased energy. I start obsessing about SPF in my haircare products around this time of year. And also for that first day where I don't freeze my ears off going outside without a hat on!

Hopefully my irritated scalp will calm down soon too.

I did some spring cleaning and gave some stuff away to Nurses Assistant-friend. There was a lot!
Basically lightly used skincare products I don't tolerate, skincare products I don't dare to use because I didn't tolerate products in the same line, makeup I already have similar items of, makeup I honestly can't be bothered to learn how to use and things that smells really nice without opening the packaging, so it's definitely too perfumed for my skin.
(Hubby was not impressed by how much I had accumulated) 

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  1. Wow! I thought the spring equinox was March 20th? I mean, your area might have way nicer weather than we do, but I thought Sweden was usually snowy like us here in Canada. I hope you have nicer weather than we do atm! We've had snow, snow, ice, freezing rain, then 2 days of sun, then more snow. Ugh! And we have a deep freeze on it's way...wahhhhh