Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Post-henna colour check

Pre-combing picture of my hair after having been left alone in a braid since the henna. I gave it a few drops of coconut oil and it left a beautiful curl-formation at the ends.
As far as I can tell, the henna didn't change the colour at all. Perfect!

As usual when I ask Mr Igor to take pictures for me, I find a lot of pictures I didn't ask for in my phone... Unfortunately, he often catches a cool sequence, so it's hard to dissuade him from doing it because he sees I use them!

Post-combing fluffiness!

My hemline looks really uneven in this picture!
Mr Igor was pretty upset, because he is my designated trimmer and he thought he had messed it up. But after a shower and having damp hair, it looked pretty even, so I guess it was just the braid/curl formation that created that effect?


  1. As always I admire your thickness and length! Lovely color, too and even better that henna didn't change it.

    When I had classic length and more tapering my ends also looked a bit uneven from braid waves, even though I had a very blunt and even hemline. It's less these days, as my hair is only at waist length and has only very little taper. I guess it's the combo of taper plus the braid waves.

    1. Blogger hid your comment from me :( Sorry to reply so late!
      Thank you so much <3 And thank you for sharing that you also experienced unevenness from braid waves. That makes me feel better. I almost keep looking for evidence of it being uneven, hmm!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous...as always...thank you once again for inspiring and educating.