Sunday, 8 March 2020

Hair and wind

Fuerteventura was exactly as windy as we were promised, so I talked mr Igor into playing photographer for me for a bit.
Some videos got pretty good, other... Not so much... Mr Igor is not a professional photographer. 

(And it was pretty annoying to detangle my hair afterwards)




  1. Thanks to Mr. Igor for his efforts.
    He's a very lucky guy.
    You look quite awesome with your hair tickling the back of your knees.....
    Glad you had good sunny holiday.

    1. I will extend your praise to him :) It was pretty fun after all, not the pictures we usually take. And it was an awesome holiday :)

  2. Featuring this photo shoot today in our "Hair Pressure" segment! Your long hair strikes us as quite strong and well-controlled. How close did it get to a complete mess there?