Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tuesday very early morning

Just had a total girly hour with mud mask, wax, eyelash dye and some fun with the hot pink dye I got from Umphie. I put a bit of coconut oil in my hair yesterday and just let the leftovers rinse out. It feels soft and nice too.

I placed the order at vistaprint for business cards with my blog address and a few other things some days ago. I’m extremely unimpressed with the company and the ordering process and wont be ordering with them ever again no matter how well the result turns out. I have a strong dislike for hidden fees and feeling lied to. Of course they make it sound so easy in the ads but in reality, you have to pay extra for anything and everything. It even cost extra to use your own design! Why, I can’t figure out. I know I’m not in the printing business, but I can’t see why my own design would be more difficult or costly to print than the ones you just fill contact information in. It has to be the same number of colours/ink you use and you have to re-set the entire thing after each print, right? Weird. I probably won’t receive them until after Christmas: I was so fed up with the hidden fees upon hidden fees upon hidden fees that I opted for the cheapest processing and shipping. Bah, they can kiss my behind.

I have been trying to make videos for my new youtube channel, but can’t figure it out. I “shoot” the video just fine, but when I try to edit it in windows movie maker the entire video is black/blank even though it plays perfectly fine anywhere else. It’s very strange and super frustrating! Of course there is no help to find anywhere online, argh.

I’m going to place an order with the place that Julya recommended, Creative hair tools:

This one

And this one

And this one too even though they don’t write how large it is. It looks like the kind of wide toothed comb I want, but it could be very, very small. Well, if it is, it will go in my shoulder bag. I could use having a good comb with me.
Also going to order the argan oil they have on the site.

Edit: Well, Creative hair tools turned out to be a big fat fail. When I’m checking out, I get the message:
"You Spent Over $50. Click Here for Free Shipping.
This shipping method is currently unavailable. If you would like to ship using this shipping method, please contact us."
But I can’t pick free shipping and I can’t pick any other option at all. I have no problem in paying for shipping but I do have a big problem with irritating and useless websites.
I sent them an email even though I honestly don’t feel like bothering and would rather order from another place now.


  1. I highly recommend Zazzle for business cards (www.zazzle.com) I got mine there and they made a mistake with them, and not only did they let me keep them, they refunded me within 3 days. I re-ordered them and they were amazing. They stand by their products 100%, and they also have AMAZING cell phone cases that you can customize as well.

  2. Thank you for the recommendation! Wow they have a lot of cool stuff :)

  3. I know--they have a ton of cool products and they are very customer oriented. I was very impressed with their service--just a warning, sometimes ordering online can take a few tries--I think they have high security features. I ran into this twice, but it worked out in the end.

  4. I'm sorry about the Creative website being so annoying! If that happened to me I would rather order from somewhere else too, I don't blame you!

  5. I’m sorry too =/ Really wish it had worked since you sounded so sure about the combs. Of course I *could* place two orders to stay under 50 USD but then I would have to pay shipping twice… Hmm. No. Uff.

  6. Would Hairsense be worth a look for combs for you? I have their 210 'Volume' comb, I kinda love it. :)


  7. Those look great! I think a few of those will be my Christmas gift to myself :D