Wednesday, 9 May 2012

And now for something completely different

I received an order on contact lenses a few days ago. Aside from my trusty normal lenses, I had ordered coloured ones too.
Why the coloured lenses? Well, why not, really? It’s fun.

Well, actually coloured lenses has a special place in my heart. Back when I first tried contact lenses I had big problems getting my lenses in. Not only did I hate having to touch my eyeballs, the lenses I first used were really slippery and hard to handle. For some reason, probably youthful vanity, I decided to try coloured ones. The coloured lenses were so much easier to handle! They didn’t slip, fold up, collapse on my fingers or turn themselves inside out, so all of a sudden all my handling problems were gone!
(Still disappointed the contact lens girl didn’t recommend those for me when I described the problems I had with my first lenses. It just seems like one of those things you should know when you draw your salary from helping people with contact lenses. “Oh, you have problems with the actual handling? Well, maybe we should try a slightly stiffer lens for you that doesn’t fold up or turn itself inside out.” Yeah…)

After I got into a routine and got the hang of handling, I ended up switching to 1-day lenses. I really like the idea of just taking a fresh new lens out every day. I discovered Acuvue 1-day lenses that I’ve been wearing for, gosh, 10 years? This is by far my favourite lens, ever, hand down, thumbs in the air, fist pumping and what have you. This is one of those things where when you discover it, you stick with it forever. I’ve worn contact lenses for 15 years maybe and these are simply the best. They’re so easy to handle and almost feel like they “blend” into your eyes. I’ve never felt these in my eyes unlike other brands or lines. (Of course excluding when I get a foreign particle in my eye)

Igor with glasses. I hate glasses. They slide, irritate me and narrow my field of vision. Also, completely shallow reason: They make my already small eyes smaller.

Please ignore all stupid expressions!

One green Freshlook one day lens in the right eye.

Both eyes green. I’m not very impressed with the “green”. Honestly it looks any other colour than green! Yellow-ish, brown-ish, blue-ish?

Igor with one blue Freshlook one day lens in the right eye.

Both eyes blue. My eyes look slightly darker, but very close to natural.

One grey Freshlook one day lens in the right eye. The grey ones are definitely the closest to my natural eye colour.

Both eyes grey.

The Freshlook lenses also came in brown but I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t work with my complexion at all. Now I kind of do want to try them though! Maybe my next order. In general, the Freshlook lenses don’t have the same flawless handling and fit as the Acuvue. They slip on my fingers, they collapse, turn themselves inside out and doesn’t “attach” as quickly and seamlessly like the Acuvue. 

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  1. I do like the gray ones best. But it's hard to see the color of the others--probably my monitor and that it's after 1am ;)