Monday, 7 May 2012

Model me?

A friend has asked me to catwalk for her fashion project.
Holy crap!
Let’s just say it took me completely by surprise. Let’s just say I have a few complexes about my appearance. I broke my nose twice (Don’t want plastic surgery because the thought of what they actually *do* to your body is completely creeping me out) I have the awful droopy upper eyelids that run in my grandmother’s family where about half her blood relatives have had them done (Geez, thanks for the genetic crap, grandma) And I absolutely hate my fat deposits that refuses to go away. For the last 1½ year or so I’ve been heavy for being me.
Yea, I absolutely can’t see myself as model material.
Although I really, really can’t understand why she asked me, I said yes.
Of course I had to ask what would be done to my hair but luckily she said I could do it myself! Phew!
So I’m thinking I would do something like this:
The majority of it down but still with some cool braided parts to keep it collected and out of my face.
What do you all think? 


  1. This is a very cute hairstyle, I hope you'll post some photos of you modelling!

    And I really don't know why, but I'm sure that Cersei Lannister hairstyles would look great on you ! (The braided style reminds me Game of Thrones a little.)

  2. Yup, I think those braids would be cool.

    (And as someone who has read your blog for years, I just want to mention that I never noticed the eyelid thing. Just putting that out there. I know you're not pleased with your current weight, but IMO you still look pretty good. I'd say great, but I have a feeling you'd frown or something. :)

    Good luck on the catwalk.

  3. That would be lovely! Though if you are changing alot, would your hair get caught in zippers or certain decorations on the garments?

    I think we are our own worst critics in regards to our appearance. Have fun!!

  4. 3 comments and all 3 like the braid-idea. Alright, we’re going with the braids! :)

    Pauline: I’m planning on making my hubby come with me and take pictures, hehe. Ah, yes Cersei, one of my favourite messed up people on TV XD Maybe I could combine the headband-y braid with an accent braid like she does?

    Firegarnet: Thank you! :) Its actually quite nice to hear that, especially from someone I’ve ”known” for so long. And well, Fitocracy is awesome for motivation. Especially fun when you see other people you know there!

    Darkhorse: Ooops, that is a good point! I didn’t even think about that. I guess I should bring a clip or something if I was going to go with the almost-down style like this. Of course some sort of wrapped braid thing could work too…