Friday, 11 May 2012

Hair comments in the real world

I went to my first yoga class ever with Chemist Friend yesterday. I’m not really sure what to make of the whole yoga-thing: It seemed to be some light stretching, light meditation, some static body weight exercise and some balance exercises. I think we will try again though, even if it didn’t feel like a “workout” it was still pretty challenging and different.
I had my hair in a braided Nautilus bun but it kept getting in my way whenever we were on the back. Even when I pack my buns as tightly as I can, they’re still about the size of an orange. I took the Flexi out but then my braid seemed to enjoy “snaking” itself around me and irritating me.
Any hints on how to wear long hair for yoga? Maybe a crown wrap?  
After the class when we went to get our clothes, a girl in the shower room suddenly asked me about my hair. I get so completely confused and embarrassed whenever people ask about my hair!
Maybe I should read up on the Hair comments in the real world thread so I can learn how to have a normal conversation about a simple subject with strangers?
Between my mumblings and half-answers I managed to give out one of my cards  so maybe she will be reading this. In that case: Hi! I swear I usually make more sense than I did yesterday!


  1. Ugh. Yeah, took me ages to find the right style for yoga. The best? English braid loosely knotted. That way, it's out of your way, but you can still lay down/move.

    Try ashtanga yoga--it's an aerobic yoga and you work up a good sweat. Hatha yoga is more about breathing/slower.

    Just remember, even if you don't feel you've worked out, your muscles will remind you you did the next day ;)

  2. Just adding that I'm finding this style not very good anymore. I've been doing a lot of back bends/work with my head and it's still not easy--I'm going to try a crown braid, but I'm not sure how to secure it because I don't want pins in my hair while I do yoga. My thought was to perhaps do two french braids and then weave the tails into each other, creating a 'mock' crown braid. But, you have quadrupale the length and thickness I do, so that may hurt.

    I saw a style on FB you did--like two buns--that might be your best option--it allows for you to lay on your back and do certain poses. I look dreadful with that, but you looked lovely! Will let you know how the mock crown braid goes

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  4. I know you're no longer on the LHC, but there is a thread devoted to this ( with much wisdom. Here's the summary, in case you don't want to follow the link :) All suggested by people with classic length or longer hair. The upshot is that some redoing is going to be required at longer lengths; no one hairstyle works for an entire yoga session that includes standing and floor poses and inversions such as shoulderstand (Sarvangasana) and headstand (Sirsasana).

    * Twin braids, wrapped around each other while doing standing poses and let loose for supine poses;
    * Single braid, left loose. The down side of that one is that sometimes one may step on it (with a hand or a foot). The upside is that it can be brought forward around the shoulder for supine poses. The braid can also be tucked into one's shirt.
    * Variation: Single braid, bent in half and with the end tied to the base of the braid.

    Torrin Paige wears hers loose and brings a hair stick for a Nautilus. For thicker hair, braids aren't comfortable to lie on.