Monday, 7 May 2012


When it comes to oiling the hair, there are two common methods: Heavy oiling and light oiling.
Heavy oiling is when you feed the hair more oil than you know it can absorb. This of course means it’s not really something you can look presentable in public with and it will most likely result in dripping. I prefer doing my Ankylosaurus or Nodosaurus to oil just the length, but other longhairs use different methods and oil the scalp too. This can of course also depend on the different oil since not all oils work for all scalps. Heavy oiling is usually messy and need some sort of containment.
Light oiling is when you feed the hair less oil than you know it can absorb. This of course means that you can add oil to the hair and go about your daily business and no one will be the wiser. No evident greasiness or dripping. Usually people will add some drops of oil focussing on the ends. Personally, I prefer an oil spray to do this. I bought a nice oil spray for kitchen use with a pump-action. It does a nice “dusting” of oil over my ends and just needs a quick combing though afterwards.
I have a pretty random mix of oils in mine at the moment: Bit of olive, some camellia leftovers, hemp, argan and walnut. It works “double” for me too since my ends always have dried a bit too much for my taste before I finish putting my hair up. I can do a quick re-moistening of them with the oil spray and I’m good to go.

My parents have a really clever oil spray! It was bought as a mixer for oil and vinegar for salads, but since it’s just two containers with an adjustable spray, it would work for two oils too. You can slide it between 100% of canister 1 and 100% of canister 2 with all mixes in between. I thought it was really clever and I just might get one for myself even though I don’t consider myself a “real” oil user. I’m imagining filling it with something like a heavy oil mix and a light oil mix that you can adjust.
I had expected it to be really expensive since it’s one of those typical Scandinavian Simplicity-design things, but it is about half what I paid for my own oil pump so that’s pretty cheap and tempting!  

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  1. Wow! That's a cool spritzer!
    I tend to do oilings only before a wash--my hair is oily to begin with and looks so gross if any oil is on it.