Monday, 23 July 2012

Bit of Q&A

Just a side note, you can get replacement batteries on ebay for next to nothing for older cell phones...and new ones. :D 
I know, but I have wanted a new one for a very long time now. I finally managed to track one of the ones I wanted down and it should arrive later today!
(Although I have to admit I’m not pleased with the fact that UPS will be delivering. My experiences with UPS have not been good and that is putting it very, very lightly)

Reading your long and useful reply to the anonymous about the cystic acne due to biotin (btw when ppl tell me "omg I found the best thing to grow hair, taking shit tons of biotin!" I always send them to your rant, keeps me from having to rant myself) I actually wanted to know if you could write a little more about skincare. I know your blog is mostly hair-related but I find it really interesting to read your thoughts on skin-related issues. 
I will definitely consider that.

I was particularly wondering if you were going to review the Eucerin products you bought. I used to buy their special sunscreen for sun-allergic people until I stopped being able to find it and now I use their urea nightcream occasionally so I was wondering how you got on with the products you got. 

I was actually thinking about it, but I’m really not sure what to think of the Eucerin line!
The good news: The products seem to have a calming effect on my skin and reduce the redness and irritation I usually suffer from. They have the right feel of “effect” (As in the wash and toner aren’t too strong or too mild) and the moisturisers feels just right, not too heavy and not too light.
The bad news: I’ve had a few small whiteheads in the time I’ve used it. For someone who gets a whitehead maybe twice a year, this is a clear statistic abnormality and it worries me.
Don’t get me wrong, I would rather have a few whiteheads from time to time than the usual redness and irritation, but it still worries me that my skin has changed personality like this. No matter what I’ve tried over the (Many) years, the products have never before actually provoked this type of breakouts.
So… I’m really not sure what to make of it. What do you think?

I've been struggling with this weird skin problem lately, basically my cheeks are covered with these teeny tiny spot like things, and I can't figure out what they're caused by, and I can't see a dermatologist. I'm not sure what's going on but I'm freaking out a bit (and getting married in about 2 weeks so timing is really not good!) 

I’m drawing a blank of this, but your question is now put out in the open and I hope someone else has advice or suggestions!
Also RIP for your epilator, aren't they amazing though, lasting so long! I've used one since I was 16 and really don't get how any one would ever prefer shaving! 

Yes! I so agree!

Thank you Ida, for taking time and answering so thoroughly about my hair/scalp issue. You're right, I maybe should wash with colder water and see if it helps. Other than that, I'm going to get my hands on some cassia. I remember that I used it a long time ago and that it really helped with my itchy scalp, I don#t know why I tend to forget about it. Thanks for the reminder. 
I’m happy I could help just a little bit. I really hope you figure out what is causing your scalp problem and find a solution! 

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  1. Oooh! Nice phone!!! I pray UPS doesn't wreck it!!

    I'm lucky I was able to go to the store and upgrade my phone for free, and handle all the phones--I knew I wanted a blackberry, and am thrilled/in love with it. Had it for over a year. I need keys--the iphones are sooo hard to text with.

    Cross fingers your new phone comes to you without injury!