Friday, 27 July 2012

Today’s hair

(Well, yesterday but close enough)
Thursday I go to yoga with Chemist Friend in Malmö and I’ve been experimenting back and forth a bit to find a suitable up do for it. Braid(s) was irritating me and my usual braided nautilus was irritating me too, so it was time to try a top knot.

I violated my own three attempts or less-rule to get a good basic high ponytail going and my hair has a deep hatred for direction changes (Guess it comes with having coarse hair?) so I lost a scary amount of hair for this.

It started off as a regular Nautilus but after some fiddling and rearranging I’m not really sure what it could be called anymore. It’s not pretty, but it felt better than a regular height bun and a braid. It was actually only the hair sticks that turned out to get in my way.

I think I will try with a crown wrap of some sort next time.

Yoga was torture though. I covered the skinless areas on my feet with not one, but two of those shock absorbing anti-blister bandages but I managed to half scrape off the one on my right front foot and I had to pick it off in the middle of the class. Ouch and ouch!

Look how deep it is on my heel! I can feel my pulse in it at all times.


  1. Ouch!!
    What kind of yoga are you doing?

    I've found that I do a loose braid and knot it, and when we start to work on our backs, I quickly change the style to a top knot.

    Course, my hair is half the length and thickness yours is, but it works.

    I'm interested in any crown braids because that was my next step. Or a high bun like this.

    Do you find when on your back, your chin pushes into your chest because of your hair? That is my biggest issue right now.

    How are you liking yoga? Aside from the blisters ;)

  2. Interesting! Found this link on youtube of a yoga instructor trying 3 different hair styles.

    Now, her hair is very fine and way shorter than ours, but as a yoga instructor, it was interesting and thought of sharing this with you in the hopes you might try some different yoga hair styles to help us all! hahahaah

    Might even be an ideal youtube video to make if you want (for yoga hair styles, not doing yoga with the hair styles ;) )