Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I developed two big blisters from a hike some days ago. The one on my front right foot opened up tonight and I cut the dead skin off to keep it from flapping around and irritating me. I (The genius) figured that since I (The genius) had the scissors out, I (The genius) should just cut the other one on my left heel open as well. Of course it turned out the one on my heel was super deep and about one layer of skin away from bleeding.

So now instead of going to the gym tonight like I planned, I’m stuck here with 27 bandages on my sore feet. Fairly sure it’s not a good idea to wash my hair either since I will get the skin soft and fragile in water.

I (The genius) am now bored as hell.

However, it does bring me to a question. I’ve been generally avoiding too much non-hair stuff in general and life-stuff in particular (I think?) But I guess there is a limit to how much scientific, useful and enlightening hair stuff I have to post.

Of course the question is; what would have a reading value?
Would it be fun for my beloved readers to see some pictures from an event I go to with my friends? Would it be interesting to see some pictures from the area where I live? Would it be amusing to see some random hair-find from when I’m out and about? Would hair-of-the-day be fun in the long run? 


  1. I think that whatever you wish to post, is fine. I mean, it's your blog and you can always fill it with whatever you choose. Your location is gorgeous so seeing it is always lovely. Skin related issues is also relevant as we've all had our own issues (yes, I too am someone who picks at things/cuts away things/blisters/etc. Especially popping water blisters ;) )

    Thoughts, theories, anything you feel like sharing I'm sure your readers will enjoy. It's nice to read people who think similarly to how I do.

    Course, I'd love to see all the photos pre cut of your hair--you said you did some crazy stuff with it--you have me curious. :)

  2. "But I guess there is a limit to how much scientific, useful and enlightening hair stuff I have to post."
    I beg to differ! I love to read your geeky sciency comments and I'm a little in love with your science entries here. Even the biotin rant, which for a rant, is pretty damn relevant and a valuable lesson for anyone.
    I've seen people in different forums complaining about sharing good advice but not being "heard", truth is, I always read those, but don't reply because in all honesty, there's nothing I could add. Maybe I should make an effort to acknowledge those?

    So far I've enjoyed all your entries (even the more dramatic ones on UTT). I think that it can be quite a pleasure to read something more personal about our online acquaintances. Not everything is about hair, that's what I like the most about your blog and everything has reading value ^-^

  3. It would be interesting to see pictures from your local area.

  4. I love all of your science-y posts. Probably my favorite posts have been the ones on head coverings. And I can't get enough of your hair. I guess I will like most anything you post about, really!