Saturday, 28 July 2012

Today’s hair

(Well yesterdays, but I came home late and just wanted to sleep)
Scorching hot day!

I can feel my poor pale skin begin to sizzle as soon as I step out of the shadows. Of course this means: Hair covering day.

I wore it to the gym like this:
A pre-tied bandanna covered with a real bandanna to match my gym outfit

Then later I changed the top bandanna into a sarong-kind of thing my mother brought home from Greece for me once. I never used it though. It’s a super short wrap around skirt meant to wear over your bikini, but I never got the point in wearing it. It almost reveals as much as the bikini bottom anyways, so why even bother?

Although I initially wore my hair covered to protect from the sun, I was really happy with it once it became cold outside during the night!

The extra “padding” makes my buns huge!

I was going out with Chemist Friend and Teacher Friend to the open air film festival in Malmö to see Hugo.

Chemist Friend and I had never been to an open air movie event before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but we thought it would be a mini version of a music festival. So we arrived early to make sure we could get a good spot. Chemist Friend had looked up directions how to get there, but as we were right where it should be, we were confused as we couldn’t find it. She consulted her GPS and we found we were pretty much looking right at it!

It was absolutely not what we had expected! I would swear I have seen home theatres around this size!
And that is Chemist Friend in the front.

The first 30 minutes to an hour of the movie was banalities on banalities and tired childish gags of the “He got hit in the groin! That’s so funny!”-type but it got a lot better. But even if the movie had been crap, the setting was great: Snacks, rosé wine and sitting outside with blankets watching a movie.


  1. I love the blue sarong thing used as a hair scarf, brilliant! And the design is very summer-y and easily recognizable, it should take a lot of the religious vibe to it (for those who still see it like that)
    They sell a lot of those around here, never thought of their potential as headwear. Cool!

    It's adorable how you match the headwrap to the rest of the outfit, I don't know a lot of people that bother to coordinate, so it's a pleasure to see someone else doing it ^^

    Looks like you had a really nice time too =] I only watched an outdoor movie once, it was a really old B&W movie about Lisbon, and there was no sound so there was a musician playing the piano =D

  2. I love the blue scarf!!

    Do you not find them hot though? I find anything covering my head, even cotton that breaths, makes me quite hot.

    I love those movies!! We have drive ins---while you use your car, many people opt to sit in the back of trucks on lawn chairs to watch them. I LOVE going to the drive-in!! So much fun! You have to sneak in food, but it's still a blast.

    We've been in the midst of a heat wave for almost 2.5 months and JUST got rain this week. 7 weeks no rain until this week and it's been brutal!! Temps up to 42-45C with humidex. I've been covering my hair as much as possible, but the ends are a good shade lighter than the roots--my hair dresser said not to bother coloring it fully until the late fall, after summer when the sun isn't so strong.

  3. Hey! You got your new phone!!

  4. Sounds like a fun way to see a movie. I've never heard of an outdoor movie festival before.

    Like Rita and Darkhorse, I love the blue scarf! I bought some tie dye fabric a few months ago to cut into scarves. People don't get the wrong idea when you are wearing those. Unless you object to being pegged as a hippie, of course.

  5. Your head coverings are lovely. :)