Thursday, 28 February 2013

What your sleeping position says about you

I got into a discussion with a friend about different sleeping positions and how to protect your hair from rubbing and damage. She mentioned there are connections between your sleeping position and your personality. Naturally, I was curious and Googled for it.
None of these really covers me though: I tend to sleep on my sides or stomach with one leg straight and one curled up and both arms up near my pillow but not around it. Sort of a foetus-yearner-freefaller thing?
But I guess its one of those things like bloodtype-starsign-things where you can always find something to recognise in you…
(One or more braids are what work best for me when I sleep. They do get caught under my hips and have wrapped around my neck some times, but buns and other solutions tend to get in my way and interfere with my sleep.)


  1. I saw that on facebook and none describe me. While I'm a back sleeper, I don't sleep in the way those links showed. Most likely due to the contortions I have to do to keep the cats happy! ;)

  2. Haha, yea that puts you in a category of your own!
    My late lovebird used to love that I sleep on my sides… When I slept in on the weekends he would climb out of his cage that I only put him in for safety at night, climb up on my pillow, put one little foot up on my nose, tuck his face behind his wing and snuggle his chest up against my eye. Then we slept a little longer together :)
    Amazing that animals trust you to not crush them in your sleep

    1. Ooooh!! Sooo cute!! My kitties love to be snuggled into me-my male cat likes to be leaned up against my legs and use them as a pillow, my female kitty curls right into my side and I usually wake up with my arm around her ;) No wonder I have back problems--I contort myself so they aren't bothered :D

    2. Squee! How cute XD Haha, you're a good kitten-mom ;)