Saturday, 21 June 2014

Hair bingo

Everyone seen this one?
I think it is absolutely brilliant.

Wish I knew who originally made it.


  1. LOL tell them to ask your internet fan club for THEIR opinion!
    Rock on Lady Igor......

  2. hilarious! :D amazing, i need to print it ^^

  3. Tell people who use such "mature arguments", that you normally appraise/ evaluate other people by WHAT THEY HAVE IN THEIR HEADS (MINDS) and NOT BY WHAT THEY HAVE ON THEIR HEADS (hair). And that you feel very big pitty indeed about all people who do vice versa.

  4. Replies can be stupid, or even offensive, but really stupid questions interfering to your private sphere and your private liking deserve for stupid/ cumbersome replies.
    Long hair is old fashioned ---> why then well known modles have hair below BSL? they want to be old fashioned too ?
    Long hair just hangs there---> well, it's gravity, my friends. Did you expect hair (mine or yours) stand up and not hang down ?
    Short hair make you look younger----> interesting, there are so many things which promise I will look younger and yet I look the same as before. I used a while ago face cream, which promised me to look younger and you know, I still saw in the mirror the same old face covered with this cream. BTW, people I have got recently acquinted with, thought I am 20+, well if I look even younger then that... I will need then to make new friends (suitable for my new age) with my daughter/ niece frineds, who are now 10+.
    No one needs hair that long----> You are wrong, I am living prove for that.
    Grey hair has to be short----> Oh God, I did not know it's forbidden. I hope I won't be arrested and taken to jail for my long grey hair.
    Donate it to LoL----> why don't YOU donate your car/ jewellery/ clothes to people in need. Obviously you don't need all that. And there are so many people who hunger and can't even think about luxury goods (as their primary need as food is not satisfied). Imagine, if you donate your...., how many wigs/ food/ water can be brought to poor people in need. Obviously much more than my hair.
    It's stringy----> my dear, you CAN"T change hair structure. If hair are so, no matter how it's cut it's still the same structure - stringy, short or long. I proved that already on myself. BTW, my hairdresser think they're soft - I don't get it how can they be both stringy and soft ??? You're so clever, may be you tell me...
    Grow up and cut it----> what's the point to grow, if you should cut it then...See no logic here.
    Long hair make you look frumpy----> sorry I did not know. I always think it's those perm hideous haircut makes women look frumpy and not long hair.
    Cutting it will make grow it faster----> interesting, no matter how short/ long I cut them, they still grow 1 cm per month, neither shorter nor longer. So you want me to say, that if I shave my head in the evening, I will wake up with hair reaching my knees ? Woa... I did not know. May be you'll try to shave your head first and I see how quick it'll grow, so that I could then test it later on myself.
    You'd look great with layers----> I know the best what would suit me. I already have got layers and it's definetely what I want/ like. Or you want to say I don't know what is good for me ?

  5. Free hair cut---> This time, but I understand you will pay for all my next haircuts as well, right, till I grow my hair out ? I honestly don't find it appropriate to loose at least 40$ per month to maintain it. And you said you want me to look neat and have got better job recently. So... I will look neat (as you wish), you pay for my haircuts (as I wish) - and everybody's happy. Win-win situation for all the sides.
    You have dead ends----> I did not know hair are alife. Only bulbs in your head (indside your head) are alife, all hair growing from your sculp (even the ones having 1 mm length) are already dead. That's why their cutting don't hurt per say, it hurts only mentally to cut them:)
    you hair is long, you need a trim---> well, that's what I strive for. I'm glad others notice my progress. That proves I'm on good way for long hair. Another argument: but then if I trim, my hair won't be long any more :(...
    How do you wash it ?---> well, khm... I go to the shower, I make water run... khm, take a conditioner, put it on my hair, then rinse, then repeat till foam is gone. Another answer: pretty normally as you do- with water and conditioner/ shampoo. And you thought I do this without water ? Oooh...
    you have kids----> Really, and what it has common with my hair ? I think having long hair is even more suitable then short. Or you want me have short hair and neglect kids? So you want me to cut my hair, wash them daily (losing 20 minutes per day for wash), then leaving them to dry for 1 hour every day - I will then lose even more time for short hair then for long. I lose 80 minutes daily and can't spend this time with my kids outside due to my hair... Pure nonsense.
    Long hair drugs your face down, my favourite !----> My face is already drugged and nothing in this world will change my face type and the least hair. There is "no cure" for specific face form which could permanently change that and plastic surgery is not safe and does not guarantee a success. Another answer: If you don't like my face, you're pleased not to watch on it, I won't be offended that much. There are other things in this world at which you can stare, it should not be my face. Another answer: there are so many hairstyles with long hair, that I definetely can find sth, which won't drug my face down.
    Another answer: BTW, you told me with my hair down behind my shoulders I look as if I have short hair. So even if I have short hair, my face is still drugged down - no matter my hair are long or short.
    Long hair does not look professional---> interesting, how I can work ar corporation and still wear my hair long. People appreciate me for my work more then for my hair length and I want people see me as a good specialist and not as a hair model.
    Another answer: with my hair in updo I look as if I have short hair (you told me that recently). So I see no point/ logic to cut my hair, as even with long hair I can still look professional as if I have my hair short.
    you're too old---> previous arguments. People think I'm younger. I didn't know it's forbidden to have long hair at certain age. Hair won't hide all wrinkles on the face, do you really think it's possible ? woa.. So you want to say if I cut my hair and everybody thinks I'm 18 (instead of let's say 50 years old).

  6. you're too old---> previous arguments. People think I'm younger. I didn't know it's forbidden to have long hair at certain age. Hair won't hide all wrinkles on the face, do you really think it's possible ? woa.. So you want to say if I cut my hair and everybody thinks I'm 18 (instead of let's say 50 years old).
    Long hair is gross and dead---> all hair are dead. Why then all stupid people don't shave their heads completely, to get rid of all that plants/ dead ends/ fur on their heads? I don't understand why 5 cm is NOT GROSS and 95 cm IS ALREADY GROSS ? What's the point ? It's just longer, but hair has the same structure...
    You never wear it down anyway----> and who told I should ? Besides, I wear it down, only you don't see/ comment/ notice that. May be you don't recognize me with my hair down ? Or: I wear it down at home, when it suits me. Or: there is no specific order/ law, which tells to wear long hair always down. Or: if I wear it down all the time, it would not be so spectacular - when I wear it down, everybody (except you) notice that.
    You should flat iron, bleach and cut it----> really ? and why should I look the same as others ? Or: could you give me may be a sequence. There are so many things to be done with my hair I just could not remember what to do first. Although I do believe that if I flat iron/ bleach (or bleach/ flat iron) I inevitably should to cut them, as my hair will be so damaged as by 90 % of women population here.
    Long hair are dirty---> really and how did you figure that out ? Working in corporation should comply with some standards, I absolutely can't allow myself to appear at work with dirty head. Or: I go subway every morning and believe me I see EVERY SINGLE DAY dirty short hair and I'm sure these people go to work... with dirty hair. Hair length has NOTHING TO DO with its dirtiness.
    you'd look so much mature---> I'm already mature, thanks. Or: I don't get it. First you told I need to cut my hair to look younger, now you tell I need to cut to look mature. I am completely at a loss... Should I look younger or mature ? I definitely can't have both at one time, even if I really want to. Or: some other people told me recently I look mature with my long hair, you tell me something opposite. That proves there are no perfect opinions. Besides hair has nothing to do with maturity. I met plenty of people which look mature but behaved worse/ more childish than my 10-years old niece.