Sunday, 12 October 2014

Memebox Special #53 My Honey Box

This box was packed! Didn’t even have the usual papery stuffing to keep the items from sliding around. It makes me really happy when I receive boxes like this.

Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment in Honey
Cool! I got one like this in “Mixed fruits” in the vitamin box a while back and I really like it.
Excellent, now I have a replacement once I have used the first one up.
It doesn’t have the same strong tingly effect as the Mixed fruits-one and it’s a good thing.

Middle row, left to right
Estheenique DayCell Essential Honey Lift Massage Cream
Items like this that can barely fit into the box, makes me really happy.
I’m a little confused at the description of this thing though: It really emphasises that this cream needs to be massaged in, but it seems to be a regular sleep pack otherwise? Should I maybe try to “massage” it in with my Clarisonic?

BTW, here’s a question I haven’t been able to answer myself: What is the difference between a sleeping pack and a night cream? Is there any?
So far, my observation is that Korean sleeping packs are lighter and more gel-like than Western night creams, but it can’t be just that, right? 

Migabee Antipollution Re-peeling Facial Pack
Hubby snorted at the “anti pollution” thing. I hadn’t even picked up on that. I guess I’m so used to the more or less random terms plastered on beauty products. It’s been ages since last I used a peel off mask, but they always amuse me. Even though they never ever do that cool thing where you can peel them off in one go and always gets tangled in my eyebrows.

From Nature Multi Effect Collagen Mask
Sweet! A sheet mask. You really can’t have too many of those. They are just so simple, effective and generally awesome.

Bottom row, left to right
Enesti Apple and Honey Shea Butter Hand Cream
This is pretty cute! It will go in my shoulder bag. Smells great! Sweet, and like green apples. I always have a hand cream with me and of course it is a plus if it looks cute.

Mi Click Manuka Honey Treatment
Hair treatment? Cool! I didn’t expect a hair treatment in this box, so it’s a pleasant surprise. Using honey on your hair is practically the norm in the longhair circuit, so this is right up my ally.

Edmong Honeybee Water Cream
Aloe vera, ugh.
Everything about this cream sounds awesome though. Great ingredient list with lots of current buzz-worthy ingredients, no nasty chemicals and it smells and looks wonderful too.
My aloe vera issue is with stuff in the skin and not the pulp, so I only have issues with aloe vera if it’s pressed without peeling it first. Unfortunately they never write how they press it, so maybe I will chance it and give it a shot.

First of all, I’m impressed at how they got all the way around your beauty needs and kept the honey theme: Sheet mask, creams, hair treatment, hand cream, peel off mask and lip balm. Nice!

Second, it has an impressive ratio of products I’m excited about. Since I’m considering trying the Edmong Honeybee Water Cream, it will mean I can put every single product to use and that’s unfortunately not always that happens.


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