Saturday, 18 October 2014

The henna project, day 14

I managed to keep the irritating drippy henna crap on my head for a full 5 hours. And I hated it!
Drippy, awful, horrible, tickling dripping!

I prepared a bucket we never use to dunk my henna’ed head into once I’m done letting it sit. I have a bit of the cone free Tresseme left plus another Tresseme conditioner with just a bit left. I figured a foamy watery conditioner dunk should be the best to dissolve the henna mud.
I’m not entirely sure it actually made rinsing easier, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to provide some “slip” when you manipulate hair that’s full of grainy cassia mud?

After rinsing, my hair had that sort of “cranky” feeling like always after cassia. I expected that too. So I handled it minimally and did a deep conditioning with Schwarzkopf Gliss Total Repair.

Another awesome point for the low henna-mix was that I didn’t get any staining at all. I didn’t use gloves and yet I had no staining on my hands. I even managed to get a spill up under the sink and didn’t discover it until a few hours later, yet it left no stains once I had rinsed it off.

Now I’m leaving my hair to the oxidation process.


  1. Oh wow! You finally hennaed you hair! :) I bet it will look gorgeous. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. :)