Monday, 13 October 2014

The henna project, day 9

7 days after henna mix application and the oxidation should definitely be done by now.
Hmm. The argan batch has lost the slightly glossier quality. Both tests have the same amount of shine to them, but I still think the argan one is a little more red.

I think the colour is perfect: It’s so barely there, that even if you do know that it’s there, you still have to look closely. Absolutely perfect! I can “layer” this and I will have no worries about ugly roots or intense staining of various bathroom and kitchen surfaces.


  1. Well I must say I applaud your scientific approach, no surprise given your education and vocation. Now the suspense as to whether you "take the plunge" and go forward with it....looks like the color would be quite awesome....

    1. They say you can't date henna. You marry it :)
      Even with such a light gloss I really have to be sure this is what I want!

    2. Since you've spent a decade plus with growing and careful mainenance, I can understand your method. Good luck whatever the outcome.