Thursday, 16 October 2014

The henna project, day 12

The indigo tests haven’t changed their colour. Not that I expected it, but I wanted to be sure.

I washed my hair using Syoss Silicone Free Repair & Fullness. I was pleasantly surprised at that one. Generally I haven’t had a lot of luck with Syoss, the conditioners are just too heavy for me. This one, however worked just fine.

Henna mud ready to freeze:
  • 5 gram henna
  • 50 ml water

I have an image in my head of my hair being slightly confused over the use of cone free conditioners lately: “So… Are we trying to go ‘cone free, or…?”
I’m pleasantly surprised at the cone free products in general though.
Granted, my experience with ‘cone free products are many years back, but I still think there are two options at play here:
Cone free products have become better
I have become better at working with my hair and my CO-technique has become better
Maybe it’s a combination of both.
I remember my old tries of ‘cone free. It went so bad. Hah. Of course it was back when I was in total “Try all the things!”-mode and decided that since some people on LHC thought ‘cones were bad, of course they were plain poison for my hair too!
It didn’t go as bad as the coconut-incident, but that story will have to wait for another day.

Maybe I should add just a bit of the Syoss to the henna-treatment instead of water?


  1. I think it could be good to add conditioner insted of water to the henna. My experience is that if you add too much water to the tresseme and henna mix, it can separate frome each other.. so you get a henna mud lump in the middle and red water around.. and the mix can be dificult to apply to the hair :P
    /cockerspaniel9 from utt

    1. So I should mix conditioner and henna and freeze it?

    2. I have never frozen my henna, so I dont know anything about that. I just mix with conditioner and apply right away. I have it on my head for ca 3 hours and get a nice vibrant red color after that:)

  2. I've used very light henna glosses to slightly alter my color towards a more coppery brown-red and tried both (same batch of henna, natural color is brownish with lots of copper and golden highlights, I don't know a "name" for it) .
    I've found that when mixed with just water, the color stays a bit better, no matter what they say, henna fades on my hair. It doesn't go away completly, but you can tell that it fades, several people confirmed it for me.
    When mixed with just conditioner I find that initially the color will look more vibrant (more color release perhaps), but will fade faster. I've a pet theory that that's due to conditioner being acidic which might help releasing color. In fact, I tried this method before using henna with just water, as I believed it would result in less color (wrong here ;-) ).
    Freezing the mud is in my opinion the best thing ever! When thawed eventual clumps break so you'll get a very nice lump-free treatment and it isn't a pain to rinse out. Finally, I've again found that freezing henna, no matter how long I let it sit, resulted in a more vibrant color on me. Pet theory again here, maybe the cells or whatever holds the color break while freezing resulting in better dye release.

    Greets from Buchfreundin (Gothic Lolita on LHC)