Saturday, 29 November 2014

Double standards, maybe?

I know that to the vast majority of people out there, the thought of not washing your hair with shampoo is really disgusting. Strangely though, using dry shampoo seems almost normal. You shake a powder in, massage it around and brush it out.
I honestly find that a bit disgusting, no matter how much they claim it really, truly, honestly absorbs the grease. Ick.
I guess I’m in the school of “Do wash your hair, but find the least damaging method that works for you”, when it comes to hair. Dry shampoo (Or talcum or baby powder or cocoa powder or whatever people substitute it with) just doesn’t feel “washing” for me.

It’s like I feel with hand disinfectants, no matter how cute or clever or portable they are, I will still prefer at least wiping my hands in a moist towelette or something. No matter how much I’m told that hand disinfectants are really, really effective, I still prefer wiping or rinsing off my hands.
Anyways. I’m getting out on a tangent here.

My point is; dry shampoo is something that I should like because it’s hair friendlier than regular shampoo. But I don’t.

Which is partly why an amusing (I hope?) print like this is pretty disturbing to me.
It’s a flowchart to decide on whether or not you should wash your hair and it features options like:
Well how bad is it? => On a scale from carrots to pepperoni pizza, its melted cheese. This option still doesn’t lead to “Wash your f**king hair!”
It also features options such as “Can you wear a hoodie?” and “Will it be dark where you are going?

Still. People pay for this?

I really hope this is a joke so clever it went over my head... 

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post!
    I've always HATED the concept of dry shampoo. When I was a kid, my scalp was so ungodly greasy, it would still be greasy after I washed it. My mom then told me to put baby powder in it and it would help. Well, it did, but it didn't--I just washed it again. I hated that GRIT in my hair.

    I'm also with you on the hand washing thing--I LOATHE those purel gels--to me, that's not removing germs from your hands--I'd rather wash with a bit of water from my water bottle---from what I've heard, it's the friction of moving hands together than rids the germmies---and that's what I do and so far, so good (this is if I don't have any hand wipes in the car and I've had to use the portowashroom at the barn or handled something at the barn). I hate purel. Ewwwwww