Monday, 24 November 2014

Glam Up Brilliant Steam Hair Pack

This is definitely the dumbest and most gimicky thing I’ve ever put my hair through.
According to the pack, it had 30 gram of conditioner in it, so I figured I couldn’t get a lot of effect. Still, I followed the instructions and wrapped my hair up in it, stuck the sticker around to tighten it and massaged it around like instructed.
After rinsing, I couldn’t tell I had done anything to my hair.


I do like the idea of wrapping conditioner up, but I prefer my trusty cling wrap.
However, I do wonder who is the target consumer for this. I must be someone with very short and/or very thin hair? Maybe it would work better if I had put some regular conditioner in my hair and put this over to keep the steam and moisture in?
No matter what, I’m not sorry I only had one of these available.

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