Thursday, 27 November 2014

Indigo revisited

First thought of the day: Crap, I overslept!
I had slept for 11 hours with the indigo in my ends. Crap.

Literally blue?

But once I had rinsed it clean, I’m not sure I can actually tell I did anything to the colour. How odd.
The henna did the perfect “barely there” effect, but the indigo seems to escape me and be so barely there I myself isn’t even sure I have done anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I would rather have that than it becoming too dark.
But it also irritates me: I wouldn’t have added indigo if I hadn’t wanted an affect.
It worries me a bit because now I’m tempted to add more indigo and maybe then it will turn out too dark.

Seems like an appropriate reaction :)

Is the problem maybe my henna-dose being so low that the indigo can’t even bind to my hair? 

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  1. Not sure here, but maybe the mixture of henna and cassia in your henna treatment doesn't give the indigo enough to bind to? I only know people who do henna-only treatments before indigo and that seems to work well. But then again, they also don't dilute with conditioner. I'm not that familiar with how indigo works, but I have a couple of uneducated guesses:
    1. using conditioner somehow prevents the indigo to bind to the henna.
    2. the mixture of henna and cassia doesn't work with indigo
    3. The henna needs to oxidize before indigo can successfully bind on to it.

    I'm sorry I can't be of help here....