Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Memebox # 54 and # 70

Memebox special #54 Miracle masks
It feels like Memebox and I have two very different opinions on what a mask is. In the last mask-box I don’t think I received a lot of actual masks. Sleep packs aren’t masks in my opinion, they are a cream or gel or something, part of a moisturising routine, but not a mask.

The Purederm Cucumber Eye pads leaked and everything in my box was greasy. It looks like the pads are pretty dried out too. Ugh. I should probably contact costumer support about it.

Purederm Cucumber Eye 24 pads
What a neat idea. Instead of the cliché cucumber slice on your eyes, there’s this.

Ddung Vitamin wash-off pack
It’s a facial pack you have to wash off after 3-5 minutes. Why so short time? So not only does it require extra work by needing to be washed off, it also isn’t time enough to do something in?

LadyKin Vanpir Dark repairing water mask
$ 46 for this? It’s another sleeping pack. Not a mask.

Mise En Scene perfect repair treatment
Okay, seriously mixed feelings about this. I have loved every single hair product I got from Memebox, but how the [bleep] is this a mask?
I bought this box because I wanted facial masks. This is not a facial mask. The sleeping packs aren’t masks either, but this is even further from being a mask.

To Be Nang Snail nutrition hydro gel mask
Now we’re talking! A sheet mask, and one containing snail secretion filtrate. Awesome! Snail stuff packs some serious, serious moisture and nutrition. This makes me really happy.

To Be Nang 24 K snail nutrition hydro gel mask
It bugs me like crazy that this thing is a lot bigger than the other two packs! It’s obviously the same line, so why the size difference? Lol, odd things you get annoyed about…
From the back of the pack, it appears to be a half-mask? Either that or a two piece “full” mask.
It’s infused with both snail secretion filtrate and gold. How cool!

To Be Nang Snail anti-wrinkle face & neck mask
Cool: This is a 3 piece mask where it includes the neck too. Masks that includes the neck makes me really, really happy.

The last 3 sheet masks with snail stuff really saved this box for me. Again, Memebox and I have very different opinions on what a mask is. The water mask and wash-off pack wasn’t a mask. And although I’m very happy with the hair treatment, it’s not a mask! I bought the mask box because I wanted masks.
They could have sent me a stack of cheap sheet masks and I would have been perfectly happy. Like, a stack of the Sally Box masks would have been perfect.

Memebox superbox #70 Thumbs up! Blogger’s picks
I read that there was a sort of poll on Facebook or something for people to vote for their best products. The name of the blog sounds promising, but hmm. Let’s see…

N.S.M ReBorn Tint in sorbet meting tint
Holy crap. This is like a solid block of colour on my lips. It’s seriously clown mouth-coloured too, so ick. Who would this colour be flattering on? The colour smears off on everything too. I ate my lunch with his on my lips and it rubbed off on my food, on the fork, everything and still magically managed to be the same solid block of colour left. Weird!
The colour is really unflattering and overwhelming for my pale colours as it is, but with the first cold of the season in full swing, it looks extra awful with my red nose.
I will give this to a friend of mine.
Thumbs down.

LadyKin Aqua exfoliator for body
Awesome! I bought this one some time ago and really liked it. It did some serious exfoliation in combination with my Clarisonic and I liked it. I would have bought one more after I used the last one up, but they didn’t have it in stock. It’s still on my wish list on Memebox, so this is a definite thumbs up for me.
Thumbs up!

Croquis Dual concealer
It’s a dual ended anti-wrinkle concealer and spot concealer. But it also says it can work as a regular concealer for dark eye circles and conceal redness. Uh?
I tried the lightest end as a normal concealer and it fits my skin tone. Then I tried the darkest end as a foundation-type covering and that was too dark for me. Maybe the dark end will work better in the summer where I have a bit of tan?
The product itself is in Korean so I have no way of knowing which end is supposed to be which, but I’m guessing the lightest one goes on under eye circles and the darker one covers spots?
Meh. Thumbs…. Up, but unenthusiastically.

Hair+ Velvet Nutri-injection
I received this before in a Memebox and just like back then, I’m really not sure if this is a leave in product or a rinse out. So I guess I will mix this small tube into some normal conditioner and do a deep conditioning. Also a thumbs up for me, although of course I would like a larger product than 12 ml! And again, how is this thing supposed to be $ 5? I know Memebox tends to inflate their prices, but damn.
Meh. Thumbs…. Up, but unenthusiastically.

Evas Cosmetics Vitamin cleansing dessert in 02 lemon
It’s a cleansing balm type product. It smells absolutely delicious!
Meh. I dislike balm-type products for cleansing. Maybe I should try to give it a shot anyways and use it as the first step in my cleansing routine?
Meh. Thumbs…. Up, but unenthusiastically.

23 Years old air-laynic mask
How is this thing supposedly $ 14? Holy crap. It’s a single use gel type cleansing mask that you have to “assemble” with the sheet mask yourself. $ 14?! Wow.
But what is up with the sheet you’re supposed to use? There are two and they’re oddly shaped. It says they’re supposed to go over the nose and cheeks, but they’re shaped so they will cover your mouth too. Eh? Am I supposed to cut them more into shape then? And ugh, the damn gimmicky syringe again.
Thumbs down.

Purebess Galactomyces 100%
It’s a product to use 1-2 drops off as the first step of your skincare after cleaning. So I guess it goes after toner, but before emulsion and all? Sounds like a fancy toner to me. It didn't smell like anything at all and I couldn't feel any difference from my normal toner, so, what?
Meh. Thumbs…. Up, but unenthusiastically.

Secret Key Color recipe the pink cream
It’s a pinkish gel-type cream with little bits in it. I do like gel type moisturisers. It's very light and nice. It even smells like I would think pink smells.
Meh. Thumbs…. Up, but unenthusiastically.

Total count
Thumbs up! 1 product
Meh. Thumbs…. Up, but unenthusiastically: 5 products
Thumbs down: 2 products

Final thoughts
I think I'm reaching a point of over-saturation of Memeboxes. None of them really excites me anymore. Take the Miracle Masks: My reaction should be "How cool! Snail and gold-masks? That should have been in an OMG box!" but instead I was more like "Yea, okay." and then stuffed the masks into my storage for sheet masks. A lot of my products now go into storage because I have more than plenty of products in use as it is. 
Maybe it's time for a Meme-break and use up some of my products?

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  1. I'll take that Ladykin cream off your hands if you still have it / want to sell!