Thursday, 20 November 2014

More Memeboxes

I received four boxes in one pack today (!) Unfortunately I think I have a serious case of “Memebox saturation” and they more or less failed to interest me much.
In fact, just sorting my stuff managed to annoy me and feel like work.
Only a single product was put into my shoulderbag where I know it will be used soon.
Some of the makeup went into my makeup drawer to be used “Some day”.
A few things are going to a friend. Some, I need to put up for sale/trade.
But the vast majority is going into my storage to be used whenever I run out of the stuff I have in use at the moment.

Memebox special # 56 K-style 4

  • Revecen Volumizing mascara

What a strange brush! I thought it had been squished or the product somehow managed to clump the bristles together, but I guess it’s supposed to look like it does?

  • Shara Shara Petit friend matte lip crayon

I think this is the neon orange, or maybe the salmon orange? I can’t find the number for the colour anywhere. Not a colour that will work for me.

  • Shara Shara Triple shine colour shadow in 03: Cobalt blue

Doh! I was happy to receive an eye shadow, but blue doesn’t work for me. It ends up being blue in blue and that’s no good. Any other colour would have worked for me.
I will give this to a friend of mine: Her two daughters are in that age where they have the first interest in makeup and this is the perfect, cute little compact for that.

  • Revecen Face control foundation #002 violet

The violet colour is for livening up dull skintones. My skintone has a tendency to get too… “Lively” (aka. Red) so I have no use for this. Sell/trade.

  • Beauty People Miss 100 auto gel liner in Glam brown

Card says “glam brown”, package says “gleam brown”. Eh?
I unenthusiastically stuck this in my makeup drawer.

  • IdeeB Real Triple Rouge 02 shine pink

I might actually keep this and use it! It has a good coral/pink-ish colour and isn’t really shiny nor matte. It has the feel like it wants to rub off on everything, but it doesn’t. Which is weird.

Memebox superbox # 71 My cute wishlist 4

  • TonyMoly Apple red tox honey cream

Haha. I’ve seen this one so many times in other bloggers reviews, but now I finally own one. This is a seriously, seriously cute packaging and it really smells like yummy juicy apples.

  • Etude House sweet recipe candy stick in 01 Seedless strawberry candy

Again a product I’ve seen in other bloggers reviews. Cute! And the colour is good for me.

Yadah Vita-whitening aqua gel + Puregreen moisturising cream
Ah, Memebox. Are you inflating prices again? How are these two little 5 ml creams supposed to be $ 24? Good little sizes to stick in your bag though.

  • DDung liquid eye liner

I honestly find that almost featureless, bug-eyed little chibi-character that ddung uses for their mascot to be creepy. Not sure.

  • Holika Holika Pig-nose clear head steam starter

It’s a blackhead specific cleanser? Maybe? Contains aloe vera, so sell/trade.

  • Pure Smile Choosy lip pack milk

Eh. Not really cute. But I’m happy to get a lip moisturising patch. Mine are really feeling the season.

  • Pure Smile Snail hand cream milk

Awesome! I have this line in lip treatments so this is a product I’m looking forward too. I have another good handcream from the Honeybox in use at the moment, so this goes into storage.

  • TonyMoly Egg pore nose pack

Okay, there’s a bunch of these products where I question the cuteness of them, but this one takes the price. It’s an anti blackhead nose pack and although I’m very happy with it, it’s just not very cute. For Korean packaging, this is distinctly “blah”.

Memebox special # 55 OMG 4

  • Nadu Skin The first love pack

Okay Memebox, I give. This is very, very OMG. It took me a while to figure out what this thing actually was (Also had to google what a “Y-zone” is) and yea, this is for your private parts. There’s a male and a female sheet. The female one has that nice little cartoon thing for how it’s used. The male one just has the schematics for the essence sheet.
Hubby now thinks Memebox is perverted and refuses to cooperate in couples night with weird sheet masks.

  • Pureplus+ Coccoon returning toner

It’s a toner with extracts from… cocoons? Uhh?

  • Abalone Crystla double EX cream

$ 78! This cream is $ 78! Somehow this “Wow!”s me more than the fact that its made with fermented abalone.

  • Shara Shara Secret magic lipstick in 03 Yellow to mango

It’s one of those lipsticks that changes colours when you put them on your lips. Meh.

  • Dr. MJ Moisture bounce aqua memory BB SPF 30 PA ++

It’s a BB cream, supposedly with a funny texture. Yea sure, the texture is a bit funky, but for me the “OMG” is in how it isn’t in a nice, hygienic tube. The colour doesn’t match my face though.

  • Purebess Hot styling hair fixer

Some sort of styling product in the shape of a mini comb. I think I may actually use this to fix those 10 stupid hairs at my neck that always curls up and stick out. How is this OMG though?

Memebox special # 57 For dry & sensitive skin

  • Zamian Trouble skin handmade soap Ac’xxii

I really dislike bar soaps so this goes into sell/trade.

  • The Yeon Jeju hallabong energy mild all-in-one serum

Nice. A serum specifically for sensitive skin. I will put this to use when I’m through the one from the citrus care box.

  • Pedison Nutritive infusion cream

Body cream for sensitive skin. Another “Nice, I will put this in the queue and use it when I’m done with the other product”.

  • Anacis Triactive dermatis intensive cream

This looks like it came from a pharmacy. I will also use this at a later time.

  • Migabee Botanical moisture mist

I tried this and it’s a very light and nice moisturising mist. This will also go into storage though.

  • Pureplus+ Lip treatment in Honeybee

This looks a lot like the Puresmile snail lip treatment in honeyI received about a month ago.
It has less of the tingly effect though, so this is the only product I put to use directly.

Everything put together, minus packaging

Well, it’s obvious by now I have too many products from Memebox and I need a break from it. Use up some products and build an interest in getting more boxes again.
No more boxes until after my birthday in April, maybe?
(Except for hair-boxes. I could still use some of those)

I think for this 4-pack, my ranking will be:
  1. For dry & sensitive skin for the most, nice products I am looking forward to try and only one product I won’t use
  2. My cute wishlist 4 for the second most, nice products I am looking forward to try, but also some products I feel very “Meh.” about
  3. OMG 4 for the toner and the cream, but the BB cream and the lipstick I will never use
  4. K-style 4 for the mascara, eyeliner and lip thing that I will probably use, but aren’t very interested in and for 3 products that will go directly to sell/trade

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