Friday, 28 January 2011

Igor’s base ponytail method

You need
  • One wide toothed comb (Red)
  • One fine toothed comb (Green)
  • Two different sets of elastics (I use 2 elastics in each set because one elastic alone can’t carry my hair without slipping or pulling)

Start off by putting your hair up in a ponytail using the wide toothed comb to put it in place
Secure with the first set of elastics (Blue)

Now use the fine toothed comb to “rake” your scalp hair back so everything is smooth (Red) It will leave some “bumpy” hair at the base of the ponytail (Yellow)

Take the wide toothed comb again and use it to pull out the “bumpy” hair and the first elastic down to the tail (Green) Do not start pulling the first elastic out!

Hold the now-smooth hair in place at the base of the ponytail and use the second set of elastics to secure the ponytail (purple)

Now you may remove the first set of elastics and detangle the tail. Then you can continue the updo you had planned. If you make a stick or fork updo, you get unrivalled stability if you can get one stick through the load-carrying elastic

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