Friday, 28 January 2011


This is the SexySmurf, which is my full length conditioning-method
You need
  • A big scrunchie
  • At least one old warm hat
  • Cling wrap
  • Elastic bandage
  • Oil or conditioner of your choice
  • Small heat pack
  • T-shirt or sweater that you don’t care too much about getting dirty

Cover hair in conditioner and wrap it up on top of your head in a flat, loose bun
Wrap cling wrap around it, under the ears. If you pull the cling wrap “over” your ears, the moisture will seep into your ears. Ick! I find it hard to get it covering completely at the neck-hairline, so a lot of my little fuzzy hairs go uncovered. Start and end the cling-wrapping in the neck to try to cover those hairs as much as possible.

Place a heat pack on top of the bun and cover with a woollen hat. Wrap bandage around the edge of the cling wrap. Make it “layered” a bit so the tight part is wide. It keeps the moisture back better and is less headache-inducing. I have been experimenting with having a piece of metal foil on top of the heat pack to reflect the heat more into the hair instead of out in the hat

Pull more woollen hats over to keep the heat in. I have 4 frumpy old woollen hats I use for this

Sexy, yes?

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