Friday, 28 January 2011

Nameless bun, tutorial

Super flat bun using 2 Ficcares

I use this bun a lot on messy hair or under a scarf/bandanna
It’s not the most stabile bun in the world but its ultra flat which I like!
This bun doesn’t have a name, so any suggestions?

Pictures taken by my wonderful hubby

This is how I wore it today. I was out a lot and needed sun protection of scalp and hair

Start with a braid. This is a very messy second day braid
Fold the length up as illustrated. Follow the red arrows with the tail and fold it under itself as illustrated with the blue arrow. Leave the length dangling down

Put one Ficcare in to hold the middle part of the structure. It needs to gap over and hold the braid being folded under and the starting point of the braid

Wiggle the braid a bit until the braid part marked with the red arrow is between the two “end parts” of the Ficcare

Fold up the lose braid end under the “bun” and secure it with the second Ficcare


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