Sunday, 30 January 2011

Summer hair

In the summer I do three things:
Use more conditioner for coloured hair. These some times contains UV filters and claims to be better at protecting the colours from fading. Fine by me. The red shine in my hair seems to be vulnerable to sun-bleaching
I use as much UV-filter leave in-conditioner as I can. They can be kind of hard to find here though, at least for a price I’m willing to pay
Put my hair up in more covering and protecting styles

Bandannas and scarves are good. Also hats. Fake hair is great too: first of all it can cover the real hair a bit and second it makes a covered style look less covered. You can use pieces a shade lighter than your natural hair for “lightened by the sun”-summer look
The Tzinus bun

Scarved bun instruction:
1) Put hair up in a pony tail. Use lots of leave in or sun screen for the exposed hair
2) Fold a scarf into a triangle and stick one end up under the elastic with the majority of it hanging down. The darker and thicker the cloth, the less UV penetration! If you use a wet scarf you will get my favourite benefit from this style:
  • If the scarf and hair is wet, the surface water will keep the hair and scalp cool. There’s a moist “core” and the scarf will keep pulling the moisture out to the surface and evaporate thus cooling the entire bun for hours
3) Twist the scarf around the tail until the hair is completely covered
4) Twist the hair and scarf like in a regular bun. Twist it as tight as you can to prevent the bun to get room enough to suck up salt water. You want to have only the tap water you used to wet the scarf and your leave in-conditioner in there
5) Coil it tightly around the base and twist like a basic cinnamon bun
6) Tie the two ends together on top of the bun and either leave them dangling or tuck them in

Tada! A style that completely shields the “tail” from sun and wind
Very secure and comfortable too! Plus it can even keep your head cool
The Tzinus ponytail

Two braids covered with a bandanna and with some fake bangs

Two braids, crossed at the neck and tucked up under a hat
Put the short end of the scarf on top of your head to keep it out of the coils

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  1. I am totally in love with that CK scarf!!