Sunday, 30 January 2011

Supplement regime

Igor’s routine January 2011- March 2011
By popular request I’m posting my revised supplement routine for January to March. I’ll rethink it then and see if I’ll restock or not.

Right now the routine is pretty advanced due to some half impulse buys (Gosh, that sounds absolutely horrible when it comes to supplements?!) of green tea, horsetail, a CLA supplement and a mineral supplement containing potassium which I have always tested low on.

I have always found the recommended day doses very confusing. It seems every serious medical source or website has their own recommended daily dose listed and their own studies quoted.
I guess it’s easy to find a too low and too high dose; In both cases you get ill from it. But what is the ideal daily dose? Right in the middle? Closer to the overdose dose? Or maybe between the middle and the necessary intake? Is it weight dependent?
It’s no use being militant about the RDI when it’s something so hard to get a dose everyone agrees on. One thing that’s for sure though is that mega dosing on anything is not a good thing.

For me personally, I have a very good idea of where I stand on supplements and what I need. For over a year I had blood drawn every two weeks to keep track of a violent allergic reaction. Every single one of them shows me right in the norm range for vitamins and minerals. Except for potassium, which coincidentally (?) isn’t contained in my go-to multi vitamin.
As my listed vitamins and minerals will show, I take in higher doses than recommended in quite a few of them. So does it mean I have a bad absorption? Or maybe that my body requires a higher intake than normal? Your guess is as good as mine :shrug:

New additions
The new mineral supplement has 9 (!) tablets required for the daily dose. I take 2.
More protein in tablet form. 10 g more
CLA and green tea

Calcium: 656 mg (Recommended daily intake 1000 to 1500 mg.)
Chromium: 145 mcg (Recommended daily intake 25 mcg for an adult female, but it seems the RDA was lowered from 200 relatively recently)
CLA: 300 mg (Taking this on an experimental base)
Cobber: 2,3 mg (Recommended daily intake between 0,9 and 3,0 mg)
Fibres: 1,5 g
Green tea extract: 250 mg (Taking this on an experimental base)
Horsetail extract: 300 mg (Still searching for a horsetail tablet that was as great as Futura Silica. Sigh!)
Iodine: 241,6 mcg (Recommended daily intake is 150 mcg but many sources says this is too low)
Iron: 9 mg (Recommended daily intake 10 mg with extra allowed for women during menstruation)
Magnesium: 432 mg (Recommended daily intake 280 mg)
Manganese: 5,48 mg (Recommended daily intake 3-5 mg)
Molybdenum: 290 mcg
Omega 3 fatty acid: 486 mg
(Here of 260 mg EPA, 170 mg DHA and 36 mg DPA)
Plantago ovata: 1 g (Dietary fibre)
Potassium: 80 mg (Recommended daily intake 4000 mg)
Protein: 12,1 g
(Here of 306 mg L-cysteine and 391 mg L-tyrosine)
Selenium: 151,6 mcg (Recommended daily intake 45 mg. Crap?!)
Sodium: 8 mg
Vitamin A: 1500 mcg (Recommended daily intake 700-900 mg)
Vitamin B1: 2,25 mg (Recommended daily intake 1,4 mg)
Vitamin B2: 2,6 mg (Recommended daily intake 1,6 mg)
Vitamin B3: 18 mg (Recommended daily intake 15 mg)
Vitamin B5: 15 mg (Recommended daily intake 4-7 mg)
Vitamin B6: 3 mg (Recommended daily intake 1,3 mg)
Vitamin B7: 225 mcg (See, people? You can grow a healthy head of hair without mega dosing on this. Recommended daily intake is 225 mcg)
Vitamin B9: 400 mcg (Recommended daily intake is 300 mcg)
Vitamin B12: 9 mcg (Recommended daily intake is 2-3 mcg)
Vitamin C: 117 mg (Recommended daily intake is 45 mg)
Vitamin D: 10 mcg (Recommended daily intake is 5-10 mg)
Vitamin E: 41 mg (Recommended daily intake is around 10 mg)
Vitamin K: 150 mcg (Recommended daily intake is 120 mcg)
Zinc: 26,24 mg (Recommended daily intake is around 12 mg)

During period only, also + 25 mg iron
Also some more or less weird extracts in Imedeen: Fish extract (Ew?) Soy fibres, tomato extract and grape extract


  1. This is a wonderfully inclusive list of supplements. Do you take all of the "Recommended daily" vitamins listed? What form are they in, pill form? How do you get such low mcgs, powders? Also do you buy most of them at a particular store? I know that I'm originally from the U.S. so my situation will be a little different, but I would love to start a better vitamin regime. :) Thanks for any info!

  2. oh btw this is Nouvelle/renée :) sry

  3. Please could you do an up to date vitamin regime?