Sunday, 30 January 2011

Thoughts on head covering

I like covering my hair for both practical reasons and because I enjoy keeping my hair semi-private

I want something that doesn’t scream religion. But what that exactly means, I’m not entirely sure of! I guess I’ll be over the issue if I just dress my usual casual self instead of something shapeless?

Ironically, I found one of the most inspiring website to be a definite Muslim place:

The variation is truly awesome! I like the comments too, seems well moderated and useful to me
(The following pictures, except for one, is all found there)

This one is very close to the way I wear a hair covering scarf (Except for the earrings and shoes, this is very close to how I dress on a daily basis too!) It looks like the length of the scarf is wrapped around the bun itself, a method I use on my biggest scarves (I really should make a tutorial for the wrappings I do) It doesn’t scream “religious” but is a sufficient covering of hair and scalp

It looks like we have two scarves here: An under scarf and a larger scarf wrapped around the crown instead of being tied behind the head. It has a 50s-diva kind of feel to it that I like. I could wear my scarf like this, with or without under scarf

This looks like a mix of the two first ones. The scarf is wrapped around but still with enough left to hand down. I think I like the ends hanging down because it has more of a bandanna-feel to it. I could probably wear a sunhat over this if I just start the bun low enough

I have a hard time figuring out what exactly is going on here, but I think she wears a regular hair band on top of a scarf and the neck scarf isn’t attached to it. Not entirely sure though, but a headband of top of the scarf is definitely something I could do to “religion it down”

This looks like more of a snood type covering. I can’t figure out how it’s done but my guess is: Scarf over the hair, then looped up under it and tied off somehow. I like it a lot. It looks more relaxed than some of the “tighter” styles

(Unfortunately I’m not sure where I found this photo since I only saved the direct link. Sorry)
I’m not sure I’m interested in covering my neck, but I like the idea of a “smaller” scarf for decoration on top of a longer, flowing scarf
(Her makeup scares me! *twitch*)

Another one with a decoration scarf on top. Looks like she tied the sides into little rosettes? I think maybe I could do something similar on top of a scarf-bun like one of the first examples

As much as I’m not personally interested in covering my neck, I find a style like this very cute. There is something about the “big” hijab that goes to the length of a scarf that I just really like. However, I dislike the idea of putting my hair up in a way that requires pins or needles to hold it in place. Being able to tie it off just seems so much more practical and safe

I have seen a few examples of having one side loose instead of pinned back. This is probably something I could do and still not cover the neck. It’s probably going to require pins of some sort though. Hm?

Last, I have to include an example. Not of something I would want to wear. Definitely not. But this is how young Muslim girls seem to wear it most often around here:
The hijab is worn with two scarves, and the shape of the bun is so large it makes me wonder if they actually stuff it to show off.
The “flow” of it is big, covering the shoulders but not going far down the chest to cover it, which makes me wonder if it’s more of a fashion thing, sort of like wearing clunky shoes makes your legs look slimmer. Big hijab = instant slimming?
The rest of her outfit is also a classic example of what I see here. She is fully clothed, all skin except her hands and face covered, but yet the outline of her body is clearly seen, even highlighted. Tight pants, tight dress, even a small waistcoat to really emphasise her chest and waist! Also always included is high, high heels. It’s clear that the hijab is more of a fashion statement and than a religious symbol of your personal moral.
Ironically enough, a lot of Danish girls would find this outfit to be too revealing for them.

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  1. The last example made me nod. I see so many girls like that around here too. Scary makeup, hooker-heels, super tight outfit and then of course the hijab. Like covering your hair makes you a modest good girl?? They should be ashamed of themselves