Thursday, 3 February 2011

Project Knee length in 2011

When I hit classic length 3 years ago or so, I knew I would be in for a long haul to get to knee, but I wasn’t prepared it would take this long! I never had the feeling that my hair stalled at any point before, but classic to knee is just such a long stretch that it felt I was going nowhere.
So in December last year I decided it would be my 2011 resolution: To finally, finally hit that damned knee length.
I have tried before to make a “hair care schedule” of different kinds. With more or less success, I might add. My theory behind this is that hair can use different “materials” to stay healthy: Oils, protein, cholesterol, aloe vera, cones, ceramides and what have you. If you try to incorporate as much as possible at some point, your hair should be more well-rounded healthy. Hair needs both strength and flexibility to stay healthy and damage free and if you try to “think around” in your care, you will give your hair a chance to absorb what it needs.
Project Knee length in 2011… Please?
Its time to get back to being serious with my supplement routine.
For too long I have slacked off on it and I have let hubby influence me. He thinks it’s somewhat weird and believes a healthy diet is enough.
I somewhat agree on that, but our diet isn’t good enough as it is. It’s me that’s the problem and influencing our diet negatively, hubby is really good at the healthy diet.

I happen to know all too well my body and system thrives on a high level of supplements: For over a year I had blood tests done every two weeks to try to control a painful and troublesome allergic reaction. Every single one of those tests put me in the “normal” range… That was with my supplement routine.

I recently discovered that there are many, many protein supplements in pill form available if you know where to look. So I ordered two different kinds to boost my protein intake both are relatively “simple” and contains both L-cystine and L-tyrosine. I find it pretty funny that I found them on a website targeting hardcore body builders. But I guess if there are people who truly know their chemistry and amino acids, it has to be body builders.

S&D more frequently to keep the length smooth and healthy, which should decrease my urge to trim the ends off. I have added every single entry from the Morocco Method lunar charts
to my calendar as well
(Just for the record, I don’t “believe” in that anything I can do with a scissor can influence my growth, but some people believe the moon affects it and since I have no arguments against why I should cut on one day as opposed to another, I some times follow the Lunar charts as a “Why not?”. I’m open to the idea that they’re right and I’m wrong. )
I will stick to my Hairy Health “Month” plan.
I have added the schedule to my 2011 calendar
(Unfortunately having my hair care scheduled like this makes my mind rebel over the frequency of treatments, but hopefully I can get used to it with time…)

Project Hairy Health "Month"

Week 1
Wednesday: Regular conditioner
Saturday: Cassia 4-in-1 treatment followed with moisture

Week 2
Wednesday: Protein conditioner
Saturday: Coconut oil

Week 3
Wednesday: Coloured hair conditioner
Saturday: Deep treatment

Week 4
Wednesday: Olive oil
Saturday: Cholesterol treatment

Week 5
Wednesday: Honey treatment
Saturday: Grape seed oil, walnut oil or other oils (Containing ceramides)

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