Sunday, 30 January 2011

“Virgin” hair

I hate that word. I hate that expression. Yes, hate. Hate, hate, hate!
Personally I refuse to use it. I loathe the idea that “virgin” is linked to something that supposedly makes your hair “better” than other people’s hair
Women have been maimed, killed and denied the most basic human rights like going to school, driving, voting and even showing any part of the body they were born into, all to preserve their virginity. All for a little flap of skin, that matters so much to insecure men!
I refuse to use that word for something other than it is: A person who hasn’t had sexual intercourse yet. Not that it makes any difference to me, or should make any difference to anyone
I detest it when people use that word when it comes to hair care
No, even though my hair has never seen any heating appliances, any dye or any bleach, it is definitely not “virgin”. My hair is very experienced and knows exactly how to express to me how we both work together into making daily life as easy and pleasurable for us both!


  1. I never thought of it this way before. I agree with you, I don't like that term either.

  2. I understand why the term is used for hair. Virgin is associated with pure and when it comes to hair, in regards to donating it, they need pure hair, but that might get lost in translation. So, using the term virgin is more known to many different nationalities.

    I mean, we have extra virgin olive oil and I'm trying to figure out how you can be an extra virgin??? ;) Of course, I was told it had something to do with the pressing of the olives. The very first pressing is extra virgin--at least they haven't used that towards hair or sexuality for that matter. :D

  3. very much appreciate this post, agreed

    (btw it's me nouvellenymphe2)

  4. So totally agree