Sunday, 30 January 2011

Thoughts on supplements

I caught the end on a show about supplements that hubby was watching. The whole thing made the corner of my lips twitch a little. I’m not sure if it was a smile or a disapproving frown developing.
They had this very clever doctor to analyse some things and make statements on supplements. But no matter how sure or professional she sounded in her statements, she still made it slip that the world of supplements isn’t something you can make sure statements and rules on.

The thing is, that different studies and experiment doesn’t give the same answer, or even a 100% sure answer in itself. The recommended daily dose varies from study to study and source to source. They can’t even agree on how high you need to go to overdose and if so, what the risks and symptoms are. Often you can’t get a clear answer if you ask about overdoses, at least not one that doesn’t start with “Well if you are sick, then you run the risk of…”

The really good thing about the show was, that the expert somewhat came to the conclusion that it depends on how much you want to spend weighed against what you yourself thinks does good for you. I liked that conclusion.

I believe supplements are a good thing. But I also think that the % you see on the labels aren’t everything you should go by. They aren’t the whole truth. Some of it won’t be absorbed by the body and even if it is, the 100% isn’t 100% the truth (Pun intended. Ah, I crack myself up)

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