Sunday, 30 January 2011

4 in 1 treatment

4 in 1 treatment

Scalp exfoliating
Mud math
50 ml cassia powder
One pot of green tea
200 ml (One bottle) of conditioner

Mix 50 ml cassia powder with 50 ml cold green tea with the bottle of conditioner
Cover hair in the mud and wrap the length of the hair up in a pile (Do not braid!) Cover with cling wrap and a warm hat
Stay warm for 20-30 minutes
Pour the leftover tea in the tub. Fill halfway with water (Or quarter way, at least enough to cover the scalp when you lay down in it)
Remove cling wrap and hat and hop in the tub
Allow length of hair to soak in the water and start scrubbing the scalp (This is why you shouldn’t braid) The cassia mud is excellent at exfoliating the scalp (Enjoy! Aaah… This feels soooooo good! It makes me purr like a kitty )
Soak in the green mud bath (Cassia seems to make my skin and nails feel really good and smooth too)
Follow with a good deep conditioner as the cassia seems to be somewhat drying
Rinse and continue styling hair as usual
Enjoy the feel of clean and conditioned hair and a fresh and exfoliated scalp


  1. Thanks for the recipe, my sister-in-law tells me to use cassia on my skin but I've been scared I will turn me yellow. Did you notice this at all?

  2. No, I never noticed any discolouring, but I guess the mix that does go on my skin is rather diluted. I’m not sure I would want to try heavier “mixes” than this though